Prayer for one’s family

Lord, thank you for caring unceasingly for our family and for the people around us.
Thank you for the faith that gives us strength. Thank you for your love that makes us one.
In the most ordinary moments of our life, show us that you are always with us. When we work
when we rest, bless our life and give us good health. By your infinite grace, may we grow in love,
forgiveness and understanding of one another. Don’t let us be overburdened with cares and worries;
Tech us, instead, to lift all these up to you. Help us always to realize what matters most-it is
the gift of one another, not the material possessions and comforts in life. Let not money and
infidelity destroy the love that binds us together as a family. Help us to have greater faith in
you and in you providence. Though our family has its own problems, may we always continue to
help others- relatives, friends, neighbors and all persons that you send our way.