The sole purpose of creating this blog is to extend information to all readers. Important information’s as such from Philippine Government and other information related to Dubai.

Francis Jopia is currently in Dubai. His been in the U.A.E for more than 7 years and had been working couple of companies. Currently his working as a IT support executive in an oil and gas company. His married and has two kids which motivating him everyday to work hard.

He loves music in different genres. He loves to travel, camping, and other outdoor activities. He enjoyed reading other blogs, trends on Twitter, and other social media platforms. He’s got high interest on tech books.

HE was volunteer trainer in one of the Filipino Clubs in Dubai. He was teaching Information Technology, and Microsoft Office platform. He was also a member of Toastmaster Club and enjoyed the experienced. For him being able to reached out and shared his knowledge was a rewarding experienced.

Please note: Some post are posted in some articles locally. Might be coming from different publications and blogger shared it here!