Mininova's Next Step

Mininova Staff

When I read about this news I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it will happen on mininova although I had seen people, excellent uploaders who are leaving the company of others in mininova months back. Mininova is and was everyone’s favorite when it comes to torrents from any parts of the world. From movies, most up to date musics, pictures and even documentaries. I was one of the crocodiles whom are just waiting for the fresh meat to come. Sad to say it’s one of the disadvantage but on the contrary people are overfeed, overpowered, fortunate enough to have those times. I knew those awesome uploaders will stay offradar for the moment and will just pop up once new mininova alike will born. And I thought this is the perfect time as well to thank those unsung uploaders sadly I could not name you all, you all knew who you are.

A million thank you for those movies, music, documentaries I have collected.

Hope to see you all in the new beginning.!

Mininova Fanatics